Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Alaska teacher suspended after making ‘racially insensitive’ comments during class, including advising against resisting arrest

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in 2020
A Fairbanks, Alaska teacher has been suspended with pay after a discussion about race in a recorded classroom lesson about the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Some of her comments were ham-handed, for instance, she said that if George Floyd had listened to the police as they were arrested him he'd be alive today--without condemning the lead Minneapolis police officer in the Floyd case, Derek Chauvin, who has has since been convicted of second and third degree murder. 

But she gave the wise advice that resisting arrest is a bad idea. "Please comply," she warned. "Do not fight the cops, don't try to run away."

Anyway, the teacher, a white woman, is taken to task by a black woman late in the video, who, in not so many words, condmens the educator for speaking out on race because she's not a minority. 

Of course non-whites can speak at will about caucasians.


Thanks for the story tip from a friend of the blog in the Last Frontier.

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