Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sierra Club distancing itself from founder John Muir over racist views

Plaque at Yosemite National Park marking where
John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt met
While I don't condone any racist views I find it very troubling that the left wants to eradicate history.

They want a Year Zero.

Not even John Muir, the founder of the conservation movement, is safe.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
The executive director of the Sierra Club apologized Wednesday for its “substantial role in perpetuating white supremacy,” and said John Muir, the club’s founder and an icon of the environmentalist movement, was a racist.

In a post on the organization’s website, Michael Brune said that just as Black Lives Matter activists are pulling down monuments to Confederate leaders, the club must re-examine its past and “take down some of our own monuments.”

That includes Muir, who Brune admitted was beloved by many of the club’s members and whose writings “taught generations of people to see the sacredness of nature.”

But Muir also was close friends with paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn and others connected to the eugenics movement, which advocated sterilizing those whom white supporters pegged as “deficient”: the poor, physically and mentally disabled people, and those of “unfit” races, including Black and Latino people, as well as Jews.

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