Thursday, June 13, 2019

Chicagoans getting what they voted for: New mayor hints tax hikes coming

The two runoff survivors from the February mass-election for mayor barely talked about Chicago's pension bomb.

But like an irresponsible person with a huge credit card bill- who doesn't look at his monthly statement or even thinks about it--the debt remains. And grows.

Voters chose to ignore the few candidates who discussed Chicago's worst-in-the-nation municipal pension debt.

From WBBM Radio:
Mayor Lightfoot says higher and even new taxes may be inevitable in her first Chicago city budget.

She is quick to say her administration will look for savings and other efficiencies before it considers raising or imposing new taxes.

But the situation is clear, given a budget deficit estimated at more than $700 million.
Higher taxes are coming, Chicagoans. You voted for them.

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