Friday, March 08, 2019

Poll: Trump has higher approval ratings in Illinois than new Democratic governor

Illinois' new governor, wants to dramatically raise income taxes to bail out public-sector union worker pensions. They are the labor wing of the Democratic Party.

So of course his approval ratings are plummeting.

Like Gov. Bruce Rauner after his first months in office, Gov. J.B. Pritzker's job approval rating has tumbled.
So low, that President Donald Trump has a higher approval rating.

In a We Ask America poll conducted last week, 800 registered Illinois voters gave Pritzker a job approval rating of 37 percent. The pollsters asked "Do you approve or disapprove of the job J.B. Pritzker is doing as Illinois governor," to which 37 percent approved, 36 disapproved and 27 percent had no opinion.

When asked the same question about President Donald Trump, pollsters received a 41 percent positive response, but also had a higher total disapproval rate because fewer respondents had no opinion of the president.

Ideas Illinois president Greg Baise, who commissioned the poll, said Pritzker is likable, but his proposals for higher taxes and spending aren’t going over well.


Bucky said...

Methinks that Pritzer will still be re-elected, at least until his approval rating among dead voters goes south.

Sean Thornton said...

I don't buy this poll at all.

We elected more Dems to replace Repubs in collar counties than ever before.

And now these same people are more for Trump (who they, overall, did NOT vote for in 2016) that they are for the gov that they just DID vote for.

There's some second and third level head games going on with this poll.