Monday, March 04, 2019

Mark Dice: MSNBC is scared

Donny Deutsch, an MSNBC contributor, in commenting on Michael Cohen's testimony, said that President Trump might start a civil war if he is impeached, or loses an election, Mark Dice tells us.

In case you think Deutsch misspoke--although how do you misspeak about civil war?--Deutsch said the same thing in January on MSLSD.

Where does MSNBC find these goofs? Mental hospitals?

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Anonymous said...

The Left is playing with fire. They realize they have pushed way too far and that a coup will not be accepted nor will Antifa's tactics be ignored for long. The Left although delusional realizes it neither commands the loyalty of the military, police forces, or the majority of Americans. It has reason to be scared as its treason is revealed.

The gallows cannot be errected fast enough and used liberally enough.