Thursday, March 28, 2019

John Kass on Kim Foxx: "Please help me. I’ve screwed up"

Kim Foxx, the Chicago Democratic leftist behind the dropping of the charges against hoaxster Jussie Smollett, is panicking, according to the Chicago Tribune's John Kass:
And then came that panicky email Foxx’s office sent out, asking prosecutors for "examples of cases, felony preferable, where we, in exercising our discretion, have entered into verbal agreements with defense attorneys to dismiss charges against an offender if certain conditions were met, such as the payment of restitution, completion of community service, etc. but the defendant was not placed in a formal diversion program."

In other words: Please help me. I’ve screwed up, and I need examples to show people that what I did is really not all that unusual.

I asked a Cook County judge about this.

"How stupid is it to put in writing that you're advertising for excuses after the fact?" said the judge.
It's very stupid.

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