Thursday, October 11, 2018

Leftist Lemonhead: The protesters who harassed Cruz were 'people who are upset,' it wasn't mob behavior

CNN's Don Lemon, the lemonhead who once mused on air that a black hole in space might have devoured Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, two nights ago refused to call the mob who shouted at Ted Cruz as he and his wife tried to have dinner in a Washington restaurant, a mob. Lemon claims that the First Amendment covers these rude jerks.

It does not. No one is saying that leftists can't exercise free speech at all, but bursting into a private business and disrupting the establishment is trespassing. The manager of the restaurant, not to mention Cruz, should have called the police on these goons.

Here's an example for you to chew on, Lemonhead. My freedom of speech and religion does not protect me from arrest if I walk into a mosque and shout out Bible verses.

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