Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Inmates begin "End to prison slavery" strike today

Yeah I know, all of these prisoners are innocent. It's people such as you and I who need to be locked up.

I am sorry, but when you egregiously break society's rules, you pay a price.

From Newsweak, oops, I mean Newsweek:
Incarcerated Americans across the country are set to go on strike Tuesday in what could become the largest industrial action by inmates in the history of the United States.

The strike, which is supposed to last until September 9—the anniversary of the 1971 Attica Prison uprising in upstate New York—calls for an "end to prison slavery" and for a number of prison reforms.

For 19 days, inmates across at least 17 states plan to refuse to work, with some also refusing to eat, to draw attention to poor conditions and what advocates have called exploitative labor practices in the prison system.

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