Monday, August 06, 2018

During Chicago's bloodiest weekend of 2018, organizer of Thursday's anti-violence protest threatened to disrupt O'Hare Airport

O'Hare Airport
Former Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, now a candidate for mayor, rightly--it's a no-brainer, by the way--called Thursday's anti-violence protest that blocked Lake Shore Drive an illegal action.

The 300-400 cops on hand, obviously under pressure from above, served [only as babysitters for the 150 protesters who wreaked havoc during the afternoon rush hour.

One of the organizers of last week's leftist disruption, Gregory Livingston, looked towards his next one. He ironically issued  his threat during the most violent Chicago weekend of 2018.

From NBC Chicago on Friday:
Anti-violence protesters who blocked Lake Shore Drive are threatening to shut down access to O’Hare International Airport.

Rev. Gregory Livingston organized the Lake Shore Drive protest to ask Mayor Rahm Emanuel to help all of Chicago with gun violence.

"If the mayor doesn’t respond to the needs of his own citizens then we need to go and possibly disrupt airport traffic," Livingston said.
If Livingston follows through on his threat--he should be arrested and swiftly prosecuted.

Enough of this anarchy.

From my entry today at Da Tech Guy:
Chicago needs to crack down on illegal expressway-blocking protests

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Unknown said...

The financial impact on travelers by these noodnicks blocking access and creating delays in getting to O'Hare is significant. In this day and age, with strict policies on missed flights and re-booking fees, the financial distress on travelers (and families like mine) would be unforgivable. Someone needs to have the guts to put a stop to this foolishness.