Sunday, August 05, 2018

At least 40 shot today in Chicago so far--UPDATED

Blogger on site of his mother's old
home in Auburn-Gresham
Well, the anti-violence march that blocked Lake Shore Drive on Thursday predictably hasn't done much to curb gunplay in Chicago.

So far today, Sunday, at least 40 people have been shot, including 8 in a mass-shooting in Auburn-Gresham, the neighborhood of Father Michael Pfleger's church.

Perhaps an anti-violence rally will do some good there.

Of those shootings, as of this hour four of them are fatal.

UPDATE 5:45pm CDT: An earlier version of this post left out the link to the ABC 7 Chicago story about the shootings, which are now up to 42 for Sunday.

UPDATE 6:00pm CDT: Of those shootings, 25 of them occurred in just two-and-half-hours.

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