Thursday, May 17, 2018

Leftist Matt Bai, who said the Trump didn't even want to be president, predicts Pence never will be

Former New York Times chief political correspondent Matt Bai, who now writes for Yahoo, is a true yahoo, in the Swiftan sense.

I read his tripe so you don't have to.

In 2015, Bai emitted this sentiment about our future 45th president. "Trump himself doesn’t worry me. That's because I don’t think for a moment that he wants the job."

Well Donald J. Trump certainly did want that job and earlier this year he declared himself a candidate for reelection.

In his latest ooze, Bai says that his vice president, Mike Pence, will never be president. One of his inspirations for this sentiment is a column by George Will, who Bai, calls "a venerable conservative."  When are conservatives "venerable" to a leftist? Only when they break ranks with the Republicans, and Will is a NeverTrump GOPer.

The ailing John McCain is viewed the same way by liberals, except of course when he opposed The Anointed One, Barack Obama, when he had the audacity to oppose him for the presidency. Then McCain was portrayed as a man who was so out of touch with the mainstream that he couldn't type an email--but that's because his war injuries prevented him from using a keyboard.

What's it like. Bai, to be so wrong?

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