Tuesday, April 24, 2018

On same day Sun-Times puts blank page on its front page for "survival," Neil Steinberg issues more anti-Trump bile

Chicago Trump supporters
I believe a blank page is better than most of the product that comes from the Chicago Sun-Times.

From The Hill:
The Chicago Sun-Times left its front page blank in a plea for subscribers on Monday in an effort to "protect the long-term survival" of its newsroom.

The unorthodox appeal comes one month after the 174-year-old newspaper completed a round of layoffs as it struggles with falling advertising revenue from its print edition.

The Sun-Times has been working to build digital subscriptions for content that readers in the past have gotten for free.

"We’re asking you to please support our daily work by subscribing to our website for $7.49 a month. That's less than 25 cents a day," writes the paper in a story titled "Imagine Chicago without the Sun-Times: An urgent appeal."
But what free-thinking person will want to pay for trash like yesterday's column by Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Neil Steinberg. The wife-beating drunk oozed another anti-Donald Trump column that no respectable dog would want to use to deposit "his business" upon.

In Monday's column about this year's US Senate race in Texas, Steinberg writes, "Our nightmare president builds his cult of personality every day while the party supporting him sheds its values and beliefs, rolling at his feet like puppies."

I voted for Steinberg's "nightmare."

And I am happy about that.

As for Steinberg, he needs help.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any less self-aware organizations that the American media? They continue to have an editorial policy that is disconnected from reality, and then they whine about losing readers.