Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Even CNN rips survey of leftist professors that names Trump worst president ever

Donald J. Trump has been president for 13 months but already a survey dominated by leftist eggheads has declared him the worst president in American history.

Yes, even worse than regular cellar dweller James Buchanan, who did almost nothing as the United States disintegrated in 1860 and 1861.

The survey is so bad that even CNN"s Harry Enten is blowing the whistle on it.
You may have read about the new study from political scientists that ranks President Donald Trump as the worst president ever. There's nothing inherently wrong with the study, and the political scientists who worked on it are well-respected. Most Americans, though, don't rank Trump as the worst president ever, even if most disapprove of the job Trump is doing.

Indeed, there is good reason to be cautious in using this study of political scientists to determine what Trump's place in history is at this point or what it will ultimately be. Why?

1. The survey respondents are not Trump friendly

The majority of respondents (57%) self-identified as Democrats compared to just 13% who were Republicans. That 44-percentage-point split is about 35 to 40 points wider than what is found in the general public, according to polls from Gallup. Given that Trump's approval rating nationally among Democrats is in the single digits, it shouldn't be too surprising that his ranking among a very Democratic-leaning sample of political scientists is quite low.
Among that tiny slice of Republicans, Trump didn't do much better. Trump has struggled with elitists of all political stripes. NeverTrump columnist George Will comes to mind.

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