Saturday, January 27, 2018

Is this really a Las Vegas club's WiFi password? Fuckdonaldtrump?

The rest of the Marathon Pundit family is in Las Vegas--I'm trying to keep Illinois the evils of Democratic Party Boss Michael Madigan.

Okay, on the latter I haven't done a very effective job. On the other hand, Madigan was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives when over 40 years ago when I was eight years old.

Back to Vegas. Intrepid cub reporter Little Marathon Pundit snapped this photograph at Oddfellows in Las Vegas.

Okay, is Oddfellows being pranked? Is "fuckdonaldtrump" really the WiFi password for its guests?

If so, it's a long-running prank, as a July, 2017 Yelp post shows that fuckdonaldtrump was the password then.

Oh, once again, I can only imagine the uproar if a public establishment had a similar password about Barack Obama during his presidency.

To my fellow patriots visiting Las Vegas: Choose wisely how you spend your money.

The Trump economy is booming. Vegas suffered terribly during the Great Recession. 

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