Thursday, December 21, 2017

ThrowbackThursday: HuffPost leftist predicted GOP would call on Trump to resign or begin impeachment proceedings by end of 2017

In his June 18 Huffington Post article titled "What Will It Take To Dump Trump?," Robert Kuttner, a university professor and a co-founder of the leftist American Prospect, called the president "sputtering mad."

And that's not all.
I don’t have a crystal ball. But given all of the items in play, I think the odds are that sometime between now and the end of 2017, a delegation of senior Republicans will pay a call on Trump and suggest that he either resign or face a formal removal process.

Trump does not seem to like his job. He could resign even without that pressure.
Wow. On the contrary, Trump seems to love his job. And he's not just giving speeches--the president is getting into the trenches and doing what is needed to get major legistlation passed such as his historic tax cut bill.

Now, true, there are ten more days left in 2017. But barring God calling the president home, Donald J. Trump will still be residing in the White House on New Year's Day and continuing to Make America Great Again.

Kuttner's Twitter feed is here. So far no retraction on his prediction.

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