Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Now that Moore lost will Franken follow through and quit the Senate?

If Marathon Pundit is your sole support of information--and I can certainly understand if it is--then  you need to know that Democrat Doug Jones, in a mild upset, narrowly defeated Judge Roy Moore, who has been accused of preying upon underage girls in the 1970s, in Tuesday's special election in Alabama.

But the biggest loser tonight isn't Moore, but Democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who last week said he would resign his seat after being accused multiple times of sexually assaulting women. I believe that Franken was compelled to walk the plank by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and other top Dems as a way to seize the moral high ground once Moore was sworn into office.

Well Moore won't be going anywhere the US Capitol except as a tourist. So is it possible that Franken won't follow through on his resignation? Stuart Smalley still hasn't set a date for his departure.

Just wonderin...

UPDATE 12/13: While Franken still hasn't quit, Minnesota's Democratic governor has named his lieutenant governor as his replacement.

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Bucky said...

So now if Stuart Smalley doesn't follow thru on his promise to resign he will be doing dirt to yet another woman.