Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Newsweak uses story about removal of dying tree at White House to attack Melania Trump

Magnolia tree in Morton
Grove, Illinois
Arborists are recommending that a dying magnolia tree on the White House grounds that was planted sometime around 1830 by Andrew Jackson--and which has been held-up by cables for over thirty years--be removed. Or if you prefer, chopped down.

But an article by Sydney Pereira for the leftist publication Newsweek is accompanied with this grossly-misleading headline: Melania Trump orders removal of near-200-year-old tree from White House.

A much better headline would have been, "First Lady accepts advice from experts that tree planted by Andrew Jackson be removed."

One of the devious tricks utilized by dishonest media outlets such as Newsweak is to use a biased headline--they know that readers, and I'm using that term in a very loose fashion--usually don't read the accompanying story. Although Pereira's piece appears to have gone through at least one extensive revision.

Included in the article is a photo of Ms. Trump with a disapproving face, as if she is Marie Antoinette sharpening her axe. Remember, the headline says "ordered."

Let them eat magnolia blossoms.

And the mainstream media can't understand why so many people despise them. The disingenuous media cannot bypass any opportunity to attack a president that they hate. Or his wife.

As for Pereira, she has a superb leftist résumé. She used to work for ThinkProgress, a left-wing chatterbox. StinkProgress is a project of the Center for American Progress--a far-left group.

The mainstream media and its feeder outlets are an incestuous cabal. There is so much swamp that needs to be drained. America needs an honest yet diligent media.

Newsweak is so bad that it has a "corrections" tab on the bottom of its homepage.

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