Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Chicago: Federal judge orders masturbating inmates handcuffed when meeting with public defenders

Once again, I have to wonder what impoverished inmate Clarence Earl Gideon would think of how our current system that offers free public defenders to accused criminals who cannot afford attorneys, one that was created as a result of his prevailing in a US Supreme Court case, has descended into in Chicago because of some jerk offs.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Cook County jail detainees with a history of indecent exposure, masturbation or sexual misconduct will remain handcuffed "at all times" during courthouse visits while a series of recent lawsuits play out, a federal judge said Tuesday.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart did not oppose the order, which allows for a criminal court judge to have a detainee uncuffed. It also says officers "may use appropriate force or handcuffing" to stop detainees from engaging in sexual misconduct.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly's order follows a series of lawsuits by female Cook County jail guards and assistant public defenders complaining that Dart has failed to stop daily occurrences [My note, yes daily!] of detainees masturbating in front of them.

"The safety of our staff is paramount," said Cara Smith, Dart's Chief Policy Officer. "The order entered today reflects an agreement among the parties by which our office will continue to do what we have been doing to protect our staff and others from the despicable behavior by some detainees in our custody. The provisions of the order reflect what we have long been doing to address this outrageous behavior."
Another solution to this problem is for these lawyers to walk away and refuse to represent them.

Chicago, and sadly I live five miles from its city limits, is a becoming a demented and soulless place.

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Bucky said...

Put tightly laced boxing gloves on them before they meet with some one. Tough to spank the monkey with boxing gloves on.