Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quid pro quo? IL congressman's son and brother on Kennedy payroll after endorsement

What we seem to have here is another Illinois coincidence, this one involves the family of a former Black Panther who now represents Illinois' 1st congressional district.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Congressman Bobby Rush's son and brother are working for Chris Kennedy’s gubernatorial campaign — their paydays coming just weeks after Rush endorsed the Democrat for governor.

Kennedy’s third quarter contribution report, filed on Monday, shows Jeffrey Rush — one of the congressman’s sons — has been paid $11,120.19 from the campaign with his first paycheck dated Aug. 16.

His brother Marlon Rush's first paycheck was on Aug. 4 for $3,000, with his pay now adding up to $11,354.31.

Kennedy announced Congressman Rush's endorsement on June 19 in a Chatham neighborhood restaurant — and it was seen as a substantial endorsement that could help bring in the African-American vote. Rush served with Kennedy's uncle Sen. Ted Kennedy, cousin Rep. Patrick Kennedy, nephew Rep. Joe Kennedy III and his brother Rep. Joe Kennedy.
Kennedy of course dismisses any connection with the Rush endorsement and the hiring his brother and his son. Rush could not be reached for comment, the Sun-Times says.

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