Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dark day in Illinois: Madigan's House overrides governor's veto--with contact info for the GOP Madigan 15

Illinois' Blogger Laureate is ashamed to live in Illinois. That's how bad it is here.

The fix was in on Michael Madigan's tax hike.

In voting for the tax hike--a supermajority was needed because the spring session of the General Assembly had concluded. But Illinois House Speaker, Boss Madigan, somehow convinced 15 Republicans--the Madigan 15--to vote for a 32 percent income tax hike that Governor Bruce Rauner almost immediately vetoed. And a dozen Democrats in vulnerable seats were allowed by Madigan--who has held his job for 32 of the last 34 year--to vote "No."

Madigan is also the chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

The Senate had already voted for an override. Now the House has followed. The oppressive tax hike stands.

Click on the below links to politely but firmly express your outrage with the turncoats who voted "Yes" but switched to "No." They were participants in Madigan's ruse.

David Reis, C.D. Davidsmeyer, John Cavaletto, Charles Meier, were the vote-switchers. Bob Pritchard was a no-show today.

These ten voted with Madigan twice. Same rules--politely but firmly tell them how angry you are with them.
When the 2019-20 General Assembly is sworn in, no Illinois patriot should be happy if even one of them is still in office.

They are betrayers to the taxpayers.

UPDATE July 9: Let's not forget Sen. Dale Righter of Mattoon, the sole Republican in the upper chamber to vote for the Madigan tax hike.

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