Friday, July 07, 2017

Chicago Tribune bashes Madigan tax hike

ILL-inois flag
Democratic Party Boss and his Democrats--along with the Madigan 15 Republican traitors--voted for a 32 percent income tax hike.

But do long-suffering Illinois residents get anything in return for their pockets being picked?

The Chicago Tribune says "No."
You might think that Democratic legislators — for 14 years the primary architects of a financial fiasco that has created enormous taxpayer debts — would acquiesce on pro-growth economic reforms that our neighboring states have adopted.

You might think the majority party would listen to large and small business owners about the urgent need for more reasonable workers' compensation insurance costs.

You might think Democrats would have advanced another pension reform bill or created a lower-cost, defined contribution plan for new employees, or attempted to change the Illinois Constitution's crushing pension obligation language.

You might think they would have been alarmed at the exodus of residents escaping to states with lower taxes, far fewer debt obligations and less dysfunction.
And of course there is no property tax reform or freeze.


James Roper said...

I'm already looking to relocate!

OldSouth said...

All the rest of us (in the places to which you may wish to relocate) have one main request: Remember why you departed, and do not, repeat do not bring with the expectations and practices that created the Great Illinois Trainwreck. Otherwise, please just stay where you are.

Saying it sweetly and kindly, you understand. But saying it all the same.


John Ruberry said...

You have my word. And I know what you mean. Look how ex-Californians are destroying Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.

John S said...

If me and my family decide to exit Illinois, we don't support shit bag politicians. Democrat or Republicans.

James Roper said...

I left the state wrecking to the professionals. Ftr, I didn't create the mess that this S**hole state is in