Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm still wondering: Will there be a Father's Day lockdown at Chicago's Cook County jail?

Last year on Mother's Day there was a lockdown at Chicago's massive Cook County jail--where 9,000 inmates are incarcerated--because too many of the Teamster guards called in sick.

As there was this year.

Mom didn't do a good job raising these guards.

Sunday is Father's Day. Last year there was a lockdown at the jail because 317 staff members, mostly guards, played hookie. That night Game 7 of the NBA Finals was played, which won't be the case this time because the Golden State Warriors finished off the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games.

What steps, other than fixing this year's NBA Finals--okay, that's a joke--has Tom Dart, the Chicago Democrat who is Cook County's sheriff, taken to prevent another lockdown?

Last month I asked the same question.

And if there isn't a lockdown but there are barely enough guards to keep an eye on the inmates, will the prisoners try something malicious? One commodity that is never in short supply for inmates is time Which means of course they have plenty of time to scheme.

Why is it just me asking these questions?

Anyway, I'm predicting another Father's Day lockdown at Cook County Jail. You heard it here first.

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