Thursday, June 08, 2017

Conservative snap election is a dud in UK

British Prime Minister Theresa May is that oh-so-smart kid at your school who is never wrong.

No one is always correct of course and it appears that Miss Smartypants' decision to call what the Brits call a "snap election" with the goal of expanding the Conservative Party's slim majority in the UK Parliament will fail. Results are still trickling in but the Tories will have either a narrower majority or may have to form another coalition government, as her predecessor, David Cameron, was forced to do in 2011.

What must be particularly galling to Conservatives in the UK is that their party's chief rival, Labour, is headed by a leftist who makes Bernie Sanders look like US Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas conservative firebrand.

May's snap election is a real dud, it's possibly the biggest British flop since the Spice Girls movie.

Nigel Farage, the Donald Trump supporter who once headed the UK Independence Party, is warning that Brexit may be at risk.

This is a dark day for conservatism and populism.


Holding My Nose said...

May is no conservative. She is just a bit right of left-of-center, which in the UK makes her the leader of the mis-named Conservative (Tory) Party. Prior to being PM she was Home Secretary (combination AG & DHS head) and gutted the street cops in Blighty. Her record on combating Islamic terror is checkered. Maybe the Tories will wise up and select Boris Johnson to replace her, assuming that they can cobble together a coalition in Parliament to govern.

John Ruberry said...

She deserved to lose. And she will as her coalition is fragile.