Wednesday, April 05, 2017

(Video) Ty Cobb biographer says baseball great was not a racist or a dirty player

You know all about the legendary Ty Cobb, the Detroit Tigers great who was the greatest player in baseball a century ago--and perhaps the greatest of all time. He was a racist, right? A dirty player, right? A murderer? Right?

Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.

Charles Leerhsen recounts a fierce competitor who has been maligned in "Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty."

Before there was "fake news" there were fake biographies, such as the one written by Al Stump--which was dramatized in the Tommy Lee Jones vehicle Cobb.

On my way to work yesterday I listened to Leerhsen correct the record about Cobb, focusing on--wait for it--facts, during an appearance on the Dennis Prager show.

Here's Leerhsen in a Prager University video.

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