Friday, April 21, 2017

Hey Biss: Forget about Trump, get Boss Madigan to release his tax returns

Madigan graphic
courtesy of the Illinois
Policy Institute
Illinois State Sen. Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) is a sponsor of a bill that will require presidential candidates who wish to appear on the general election ballot to appear on the ballot in this state to release their federal tax returns.

Biss, who I've met--and I can tell you that he's an arrogant son-of-a-bitch--is running for governor. Biss' call of course is directed at President Donald J. Trump, who refuses to release his tax returns.

I have an idea for an amendment to Biss' bill. Add a requirement that members of the General Assembly leadership, that is, the majority and minority leaders of each chamber, as well as the speaker of the House, make their state and federal tax returns public.

Biss won't be interested in my idea. Illinois Democratic Party boss Michael Madigan of Chicago, who has been House speaker for an unprecedented 32 of the last 34 years, has never released his tax returns. Madigan runs a small but lucrative downtown Chicago law firm that specializes in appeals of Cook County tax returns. The Cook County assessor is Joseph Berrios (D-Chicago), a former state representative--which of course means he was a member of Madigan's caucus. Berrios is also a registered state lobbyist. He's also chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party--and Madigan is a Cook County Democratic ward committeeman.

In Springfield Madigan demands state income tax increases. But in Cook County he gets rich off of lowering property taxes. It's easy to see why Cook County and Illinois are suffering from negative population growth as they are being run into the ground by an incestuous and self-serving cabal of cronies.

Biss is also a former member of Madigan's caucus.

During Madigan's tenure as House speaker Illinois has accumulated over $200 billion in public-sector pension debt--despite Illinois' constitutional requirement to pass balanced budgets. I guess that is why Biss calls himself a former mathematician in his Twitter bio.

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