Friday, February 08, 2019

(Photos) The abandoned Vārpa Brewery in Riga, Latvia and a nearby vacated factory

Little Marathon Pundit traveled to Europe last month and like a good daughter--which of course she is--she took some photographs that she knew her father would love.

One of her stops was Riga, the capital of Latvia. In Latvian it is spelled Rīga, Latvija.

Near where one of our family friends lives is the Varpa Brewery at 239/243 Moscow Street. In Latvian it is the Vārpa alus darītava Maskavas ielā 239/243. (Capitalization is less strict in Latvian.)

 Vārpa means "stalk," as in barley stalk, in Latvian. 

The brewery began pumping out beer for thirsty Latvians in 1870.

Originally the structure was known as the Livonia Brewery, or Alus darītava Livonija. The name
change to Vārpa occurred in 1945. At that time it was the only brewery in Riga. In 1967 149 people were employed there.

That wall looks like 50 years of communism. It's part of the brewery complex. The blue and red "X" sign is a bus stop marker.

In 2004 Vārpa went bankrupt. The building was leased out until 2007. There is a proposal to demolish it and replace the old structure with apartments and retail space. 

On the same street is an abandoned factory.

A look inside.

A final glimpse.

In the same area is this crumbling structure. It looks like an old garage.

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