Friday, April 14, 2017

Billionaire Democrat donates $7 million of his own cash to buy Illinois governor's office

Sure, my headline is provocative. It's meant to be. Jay Pritzker is a billionaire and a liberal Democrat. He's running for governor of Illinois. The Land of Lincoln's current governor is Republican reformer Bruce Rauner--a man I endorsed in 2014 and who I'm backing in next year's race. Rauner, who may also be a billionaire--but one who earned his fortune, he did not inherit it as Pritzker did--poured millions of his own money into his campaign war chest for his successful gubernatorial run. And leftists excoriated Rauner for that--they claimed that he was buying the governor's office.

This week Pritzker contributed $7 million to his campaign fund, just one week after he officially entered the governor's race.

Where are these sanctimonious liberals now that Pritzker is apparently attempting the same thing they accused Rauner of doing?

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