Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chicago Facebook hell: Rape of minor live streamed

Abandoned home in
North Lawndale
Of my many urban exploration journeys, my trip to North Lawndale was the only one where I constantly feared for my safety. And yes, I've been to Detroit.

And it was in this hell hole where another West Side heinous crime was live streamed on Facebook.

Oh, this is the same neighborhood where a man was dragged from his car and beaten last autumn because they suspected he voted for Donald Trump.

From ABC Chicago:
Chicago police located a 15-year-old girl who had been missing from the city's West Side since Sunday. Authorities said the teen was sexually assaulted and the attack documented in a Facebook Live video.

This is the second time in months that Chicago police are investigating an attack streamed on Facebook Live. Facebook took the video down after police brought it to their attention, but disturbingly none of the people who watched the live stream called 911.

The girl was reunited with her mother after 10th District officers found her. Detectives spoke with them late Tuesday morning at the police station at West 51st Street and South Wentworth Avenue.

"I need to see her, to physically hug her, to touch her, to say it's okay. That we're here for you, we're family," said family friend Nicole Williams.
If you are in the presence of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and he brings up "Chicago values" I want you to vomit all over him.

She wasn't just raped--she was beaten too.

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