Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Review: Illinois GOP's "Drop the Mike" ad

I'm about a week late in review the latest Illinois Republican Party ad attacking Democratic Boss Michael Madigan of Chicago.

Madigan has been state House speaker for 32 of the last 34 years--he's the undertaker of what was truly a wonderful state. He's also the chairman of the state Democratic Party and his daughter his attorney general. And Madigan's an evil genius in regards to gerrymandering.

The Illinois GOP is about ten years late in figuring out that attacking Madigan is the best way to at least becoming a respectable opposition party. For that I give it the ad a "B" for effort.

But the rap and dancing is terrible. What ad agency created this mess? Madigan speaks with a strong Chicago axe-cent, not a New York one. I mean the agency could have hired me to do the Madigan rap. I can't rap--and presumably Madigan isn't able to either--which would of course qualify me. And while I've for the most part lost my Chicago accent, I can turn it on and off at will.

The rap gets an "F."

Madigan's "boys," Chris Kennedy, who declared his candidacy for next year's Democratic primary for governor, as well as left-wing Chicago billionaire Jay Pritzker and downstate legislator Andy Manar, join in for a hip hop dance.

If the state Republican Party does its job right--and it probably won't--Land of Lincoln voters next year will believe that whoever is the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 2018 will be at the bottom of the ticket.

With Madigan on top.

Bringing in Kennedy, Pritzker, and Manar earns the advertisement a B +.

Hey there Illinois Republican Party--hire me for the next Madigan ad. I work cheap!

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