Friday, February 03, 2017

Leftist mass mooning planned outside Chicago's Trump Tower

Blogger outside
Trump Tower
The disintegration of the left will continue. While I suspect there will be several more outrages between before this one, on Sunday, February 12--Abraham Lincoln's birthday--a mass mooning is being planned at 4pm at Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower.

This sophomoric protest has something to do with President Donald J. Trump not releasing his federal tax returns.

Spoiler alert: The butt display will not compel the president to make his returns public.

I could snarkily suggest that the mooners instead protest Chicago's killing spree in one of the gang-warfare plagued parts of Chicago, such as Austin on the West Side, but their bare behinds won't make a difference there either.

And the moonings will not change a single person's mind about Trump.

Hold on, it might. Moderates might just exclaim, "I've had enough of this left-wing lunacy."

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Anonymous said...

nothing shows class like a shiny bare ass, idjuts