Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In response to IL state worker strike threats, guv opens up jobs site for temps

I love this idea.

After all, one of the governor's campaign slogan  was "Shake Up Springfield."

From the State Journal-Register:
Gov. Bruce Rauner's office on Tuesday launched a new website allowing people to put their name in for temporary state positions that would become available in the event AFSCME goes on strike.

A union spokesman said Rauner's effort to find replacement workers "is a recipe for disaster."

The website, statejobs.illinois.gov, is basic. It asks for contact information, a preference for what counties a person wants to work in and what job category they'd be interested in filling. It also asks if applicants are interested in temporary work, permanent jobs or both. People who want to apply for specific state jobs should continue to use the existing job application process, which includes listings at work.illinois.gov.

"We genuinely hope AFSCME leadership will choose not to strike against taxpayers," Rauner's General Counsel Dennis Murashko said in a statement issued Tuesday morning. "... However, we must be prepared to continue government operations and provide services that citizens deserve and expect."


Holding My Nose said...

If the strike actually happens will we see striking state employee goons assaulting temp state worker scabs on state property as they try to report to work?

John Ruberry said...