Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump might be on to something with voter fraud allegations

President Donald J. Trump may be on to something with his claims three-to-five millions of illegal votes were cast in the November general election. My guess is that there could than many non-citizens and illegal aliens who are registered to vote, thanks to Motor Voter laws. Did all of them cast ballots? Probably not. Here's a story from the San Jose Mercury News that says 800,000 illegal aliens received a driver's license in California over a two year period.

Trump is calling for an investigation of illegal voting.

Last month, when I renewed my driver's license here in Illinois, a weary Secretary of State employee rotely read from a script asking me if I wanted to register to vote. Of course I was not asked if I was in the country legally or even if I was a US citizen.

Not only is it against the law for illegal aliens to register to vote, it is against the law for non-citizens who are in the country legally to register to vote, let alone cast ballots.
While these are not huge numbers, there are dead people voting. In Chicago 119 dead voters cast ballots 229 times over the last ten years. Those "dead" voters committed a felony.

In November in Detroit there were 782 more votes than voters.

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