Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The elites who don't know a single Trump voter got the election wrong

Blogger in rural Washington state
Meghan McCain of Fox News just chided the media and other elites for not getting outside of Manhattan or the Beltway, and not knowing a single Donald Trump voter. Those comments partially explain how the media was wrong about the historic Trump victory.

I live in Illinois, and yes, I know plenty of Hillary voters. But I spent a lot of time this summer in rural America, where I saw plenty of Trump signs and not one, not one, Hillary sign out there. Yes, land and signs don't vote, but nor do skyscrapers or private clubs. Yet during this political campaign I was called, mostly in private, "naive," and "unaware of how the political system works." Some of that criticism came from "Never Trump" Republicans. Who is naive now? The Democratic elite and the GOP elite have much more in common with each other than they do with the working stiff who has two jobs and is just getting by in the rural Upper Midwest. And I, your humble blogger, have more in common with that guy than a Beltway insider. But now is the time to unite and yes, Make America Great Again.

UPDATE 2:05pm CST:

This is part what the younger McCain said, "Do you know how many people I know that work in media that didn't know a Trump supporter? That don't know anyone that makes under $60,000 a year?"

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