Sunday, November 13, 2016

(Photos) Just 6 protesters outside Chicago's Trump Tower

I was in downtown Chicago this afternoon and while I was there I thought I'd see one of those vaunted anti-Donald Trump protests.

Outside the epicenter of the local protests, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Loop I found six anti-Trump protesters. Yep, six. Perhaps more will be there now that the sun has fallen, as Travis Bickle said in Taxi Driver, "All the animals come out at night."

The woman holding the upside-down flag was impressed that I was aware that Old Glory flying upside down is a recognized sign of distress. What didn't wow her was a driver yelling at her, "Learn to show some fucking respect to the flag!"

But Trump says, "Everyone loves me."

On the other side of the Chicago River anti-Trump protester Karim, wearing a blindfold, was giving out free hugs, one man took him up on the offer.

But fortunately for the cause of Truth, Justice, and American Way, the Blogger Laureate of Illinois was there to provide some balance as we prepare to Make America Great Again.


Levois said...

Perhaps the angry people who had to react to the election results have finally calmed down.

John Ruberry said...

Let's hope so.