Thursday, November 10, 2016

Detroit Free Press editor apologizes for wrongly calling Michigan for Clinton

Old Free Press sign
Left out of this explanation of how the Detroit Free Press made an early call--which was wrong--is the possibility that the liberal newspaper, owned by Gannet, was pulling for a Hillary Clinton victory.

From the Free Press:
So why did the Free Press decide not long after the polls closed to project Clinton would win Michigan? The Free Press relied on a trusted election analyst, as it has for many years, to collect results from key precincts to help determine the outcome of the race. But what that method didn’t correctly predict was the strength of the rural vote, a main reason why Trump won nationwide.

"Clearly, we went too soon," said Robert Huschka, the Free Press' executive editor.

"We expect better of ourselves," Huschka said. "We missed the mark here. I want to apologize to our readers and to the Trump campaign for the early call."

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