Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Dem pollster says dam about to break against Hillary Clinton, as it did for Carter in '80

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, who worked for Jimmy Carter in 1980, says that the dam is about to break on Hillary Clinton--a wave of unpopularity that will lead to a Donald Trump victory, repeating history when Carter and Ronald Reagan were tied in opinion polls in the week before of the election.


Jim Mayer said...

- I'm gonna tell you the year you were born after these important messages-
A Weiner should find a new hole to dive into & not pleasure self by constant in & out, going & coming w/o protection.
If Anthony did contact HC by email, it'd probably be 1st time she'd come in contact with A Weiner.

Take my advice. Run & hide bc if H thinks u cost her election, u in danger- like Mr Assange. HC's squirreled away $2Bil offshore, she'll have the $ to hire all the hitters for all her haters. Security caught one scaling Assange's Embsy but he, 'got away.' Police response time- 2hrs. Police distance by foot-120 secs. Hmmm.

Re MedBias: TheWeatherChannel is completely biased. They don't even try to disguise their pro-weather far-wing agenda. It's clear because of high pressure, they're a front for Big Weather.

1)Think of a disgusting person. If they scream- 'A meteor is going to hit US in 4 hours!' Do you say- 'They're disgusting so I'm not gonna even see if it's true?' 2) A low IQ man says 4+4=8. Do u say- 'His IQ is so low, 8 can't be right.'
Which is more important: The source, or the information's accuracy?

Even if known liar HC or Donna Brazile told me a meteor was about to strike the US, I'm not gonna stand around bc I distrust the source, bet cash money- I'm gonna find out if it's true!

Which brings me to the weak attempts by Dems to convince us to ignore truths being revealed by WLks- 'bc they were unfairly obtained.' - It almost makes tears well up in my eyes.

Most of us dislike Russia. Dems want us to disregard the ems bc they claim Russia's behind them. So the hell what? Even if we gave Dems benefit of the doubt, Russia didn't create the ems, they just hacked 'um & revealed them to us.

I don't know their real source, but I DO know Dems don't contest their accuracy. They don't even go, 'Nuh uh!' when confronted. They just throw up 'Jazz Hands' & shout, 'RUSSIA!' - Like that even matters. Just how stupid do we are they think?

The Bible has 66 books. Subtract your age from 66, & add 50 - that's the year you were born. Speaking of witches, shame on you Donna Brazile for dragging Christ's Holy Name thru the mud when you invoked your so-called Christianity while lying to MegKelly about giving Clinton camp questions. You're not only a liar, you support the murder/dismemberment of babies. WWJD? You may sit in a pew on Sunday, but that doesn't make you a Christian.

John Ruberry said...

I'm three years younger now!