Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Chiraq: October second deadliest month of the year, over 600 dead in 2016

Yes, there is a presidential race in its last week but the carnage continues in Chiraq.

From ABC Chicago:
The newest crime numbers from the Chicago Police Department are staggering. October was the second deadliest month in 2016.

Police said Tuesday there were 78 murders, 353 shootings and 427 shooting victims last month. That means there have been 605 murders, 3,003 shootings and 3,633 shooting victims so far this year. In October 2015, 31 people were killed.

In August - the only month to record more homicide victims than October - more than 90 people were killed in Chicago, marking the highest number of murders in a single month in the city since August 1996, according to police records. Chicago has not seen more than 600 homicides in a year since 2003 and not more than 700 homicides since 1998, records show.
November is off to a bad start, thirty minutes into it Chiraq recorded its first homicide of the month.

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