Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Misplaced priorities: Chiraq aldermen want honorary Trump Plaza street sign removed

Trump Hotel, Chicago
Chicago has seemingly intractable problems. It has a soaring murder rate and its pension obligations are unsustainable despite taxpayers being slugged with the biggest tax increase in the city's history just last year. Its population is the at its lowest level in nearly a century.

What to do?

Well Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) wants an honorary Donald Trump street sign removed from the corner where the billionaire's hotel stands, seven other aldermen agree with him.

As for the City Council of which Reilly is a member, about once every 18 months a Chicago alderman goes to prison. The most recent of which is Sandi Jackson (7th). The wife of former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, himself a felon, was released from federal custody last month.

If you've driven on Chiraq streets lately--I have--you wonder if your car's suspension can handle the stress of the city's pockmarked streets.

But man oh man, that Trump street sign is a problem.

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Anonymous said...

This JerkOff Alderman has nothing better to do. Last time I checked, crime and murder and taxes are still skyrocketing.