Saturday, October 01, 2016

Chicago State University addresses closing rumors on arena page of its web site

Even if you are thinking of closing your business--or being compelled to close it--never, ever talk about it.

Because those ill-wishes may become true.

Chicago State University, the jobs program masquerading as an accredited college, has only 86 freshman students. It also has a 6,000 person capacity arena, the Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center, which is named partially for former Illinois state Senate president Emil Jones, Jr., a Barack Obama mentor who turned on the pork barrel spigot up to full blast for CSU. The taxpayers, as is usually the case in ILL-inois, got hosed.

From the Jones Convocation Center page of the Chicago State website:
Here at CSU we value our customers. That is why it is important for you to understand that the University [sic, capital "U"] is not closing. Like all public universities in the state of Illinois we continue to face the same financial crisis due to the 2016 budget not passing. But our commitment to our students and customers remains strong. We are working behind the scenes to mitigate this problem and we are hopeful that a new and stronger CSU will emerge.
While in this process, please know that CSU will remain open, continue to host events and continue with business as usual, and so be confident in booking your next event at CSU. Our professional events team is ready to work with you and assures that your event will go on as scheduled, with a great team of professional employees.
So if you were planning an event and you think the Jones Center would be a suitable place to host it, would you put down a cash deposit to book this place after reading those two paragraphs?

The arena is a solid asset for the state to sell if CSU closes, which needs to happen. A mega church will grab it in a minute.

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