Sunday, September 18, 2016

#TrumpAutumn: Trump and Hillary tied in CBS battleground state poll

Trump Autumn
Trump Autumn is shaping up nicely.

The big take-away from this poll is that a majority of Americans want change. And Donald J. Trump is a change agent. which is deplorable news from Hillary Clinton.

From CBS News:
The race across the combined battlegrounds is as tight as can be, tied 42 percent to 42 percent.

Clinton was up one point last week, and was up two points back on Labor Day weekend. Voters in these states are still looking for change, while the partisan divide remains particularly deep.

Fifty-five percent of battleground voters want to see "big changes" in the nation's politics and economy in the next few years. Forty-three percent want “some changes” and only 2 percent think things are fine and not in need of much change. Trump leads by a wide margin on being trusted to change Washington: Forty-seven percent trust Trump to do it, 20 percent trust that Clinton can do it. Nine percent of independents trust Clinton can change Washington. Only 47 percent of Democrats trust Clinton to change Washington. A similar 41 percent of Democrats trust neither candidate to do it.

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