Sunday, September 18, 2016

Obama/Hillary nice-guy approach to terrorism failing

How is that we'll-show-how-nice-we-are-and-they'll-stop-attacking-us policy going, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Yesterday in New Jersey a pipe-bomb exploded before the start of a 5K benefiting members of the United States Marines. No one was injured.

Sadly that was not the case with a Saturday night bombing in Manhattan, 29 people were injured by a homemade IED. New York's ideology-driven leftist major, Bill de Blasio, refuses to call this attack an act of terror, although he called the bombing "intentional." Four blocks away another bomb, a Boston Marathon-style pressure cooking device, was found.

Nothing to see here folks, please move on.

But New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said the NYC attack was "obviously an act of terrorism."

Last night in St. Cloud, Minnesota a man calling out "Allah" stabbed eight people before a police officer fatally shot him.

ISIS is calling the Minnesota killer one of its soldiers and it's celebrating the New York bombing.

Nice guys finish last.

But there is more leftist idiocy! After "a noticeably frail-looking" Hillary Clinton referred to the New York and New Jersey bombings, she criticized Donald Trump calling the devices "bombs."

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