Monday, September 05, 2016

Not healthy enough to serve: Hillary suffers two coughing fits today

Hillary Clinton has not released her health records. Unlike the Energizer Bunny of the presidential race, Donald Trump, she campaigns intermittently and rarely speaks to the press. What is she hiding? Today Hillary did speak to the media--but more on that in bit.

During a campaign appearance in Cleveland, Clinton suffered a four-minute long coughing and dry-throat fit. She's had other coughing outbursts.

The last time Americans elected a presidential candidate with obvious health problems was in 1944--Franklin D. Roosevelt cruised to his fourth win, and he was dead five months later; after he was duped by Josef Stalin at the Yalta conference, signing over eastern Europe to the communists and subjecting tens of millions to an economic dark age and five decades of tyranny.

Do we want to take another chance, America?

Later that day--meeting (gasp!) with the press--Hillary suffered another coughing fit on her campaign plane.

Clinton is unfit to serve as president, both physically and morally.

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