Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mainstream media finally reporting on Hillary not holding press conferences

The mainstream media is finally reporting on Hillary Clinton's refusal to hold press conferences. She hasn't held one since last December.

Good Morning America follows up on a CBS News query to her running mate, Tim Kaine.
“Hillary takes questions from reporters every day. She does,” Kaine said. “She talks to the press everywhere she goes.”

This depiction, however, is largely inaccurate.

Clinton has only stopped to take questions from her traveling press corps a handful of times this year. It's always unannounced with no podium, limited in the number of reporters there, and never lasts more than 10 minutes. (Trump, on the flip side, has conducted numerous wide-ranging news conferences that are announced in advance.)

More often than not, Clinton simply ignores questions from the traveling press, even when they come face-to-face.

At a recent campaign stop in Reno, Nevada, for instance, a group of reporters repeatedly tried to ask Clinton questions during a visit to a coffee shop. But Clinton, who had just been presented with a platter of chocolates, wouldn't indulge.
Why is Clinton afraid? Does she fear tough questions, such as probes about Benghazi, her faulty email server, or the Clinton Foundation slush fund? Or her failing health?

If Hillary can't hack a press conference, how is she going to able to handle that 3am phone call if she is elected president?

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