Sunday, September 11, 2016

Liberal apologist for Hillary's health now says questions are "No longer just the stuff of conspiracy theorists"

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Last week Chris Cilizza, a strident liberal who writes The Fox blog at the Washington Post, defiantly smacked down speculation that because of Hillary Clinton's four-minute long coughing episode on Labor Day, the Democratic nominee isn't healthy enough to serve as president.

But after today's apparent fainting spell by Hillary Clinton that occurred before today's 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero, this progressive shouter did the unthinkable. He admitted he was wrong.

From his Sunday post:
Coughing, I wrote, is simply not evidence enough of any sort of major illness that Clinton is assumed to be hiding. Neither, of course, is feeling "overheated." But those two things happening within six days of each other to a candidate who is 68 years old makes talk of Clinton's health no longer just the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the "overheating" episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so. Not only has it come at a time when there was growing chatter — with very little evidence — that her health was a problem but it also happened at a 9/11 memorial event — an incredibly high-profile moment with lots and lots of cameras and reporters around.

Her campaign may well try to dismiss this story as nothing more than an isolated incident, meaning nothing. (Democrats were already pushing the story of George W. Bush fainting in 2002 after choking on a pretzel, via Twitter.)

But the issue is that Clinton kept reporters totally in the dark for 90 minutes after her abrupt departure from the 9/11 memorial service for a health-related matter. No reporter was allowed to follow her. (Clinton has resisted a protective pool for coverage because Donald Trump refuses to participate in one.) This is, yet again, the Clinton campaign asking everyone to just trust it. She got overheated! But she's fine now!
An ill president is not in America's best interest, as I Tweeted to Cilizza on Tuesday.

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