Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Leaked Powell emails expose what's wrong with GOP establishment; "mini-tantrum at Hamptons"

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who claims he's a Republican, had his emails hacked.

In those emails we learn what is wrong with the GOP establishment.

In one email Powell bemoans, "I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s party to get their attention," referring to the Clinton campaign's attempt to label Powell's very-limited use of a private email server while he was secretary of state.

A mini tantrum? What kind of grown man does that--let alone admit to it? And that childish display was performed at the Hamptons, the oh-so-exclusive corner of Long Island where I suspect people are ticketed by the police when they suspect they aren't rich.

Yes, Donald Trump is rich. Very rich. But he earned his money and established his name in the private sector. Not so with Powell.

In another email Powell complains that he lost a lucrative speech engagement because Hillary Clinton was there first. "I told you about the speaking gig that I lost at a University because she so overcharged them," adding "everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris."

Poor Colin Powell--boo-hoo-hoo, he lost a speaking date. Some people, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton see government as a launching pad to riches. Colin Powell is another.

Powell calls Trump "a national disgrace" in a different email. I believe Powell is a national disgrace. Please go away, Colin.

Trump Autumn is here. Are you ready?

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