Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Junior's wife, Sandi Jackson, released from prison

Former Chicago Ald, Sandi Jackson (7th), the wife of another jailbird, former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, was released from prison today.

Sandi was entangled in her husband's scandal surrounding the misappropriation of campaign funds.

Junior of course is the son of long-time political gadfly, the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Much of Sandi's old ward was in the South Chicago neighborhood, which I profiled here recently.

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Rhonda said...

It boggles the mind how Jackson Sr. has not also gone to prison. How does he gets away with defrauding the federal government and shaking down companies. How can anyone take the "Reverend" Jackson seriously given he had no actual, visible religious life to speak of and used a charity to support a mistress?

John Ruberry said...

I used to think that a political nemesis of his, onetime Chicago alderman Eddie Vrdolyak, would never get caught, but he got ensnared in the Blago scandals. Patience will be rewarded, is my prediction.

Rhonda said...

Good Ole Fast Eddie. I remember when he built a obnoxious house that did not fit in with the rest of the neighborhood with its tennis courts and swimming pool.