Sunday, September 04, 2016

Gonzaga hires "muscle" radical professor fired by Mizzou

Do you remember Melissa Click, the University of Missouri communications professor who called for "some muscle" to remove a photojournalist from a public plaza at the Show Me State's flagship college last year during a Black Lives Matter protest. In a rare instance of common sense at a institution of "higher" education, Mizzou fired Click in February.

But Gonzaga University, a Catholic college in Washington state, hired Click for one year in a non-tenure track position. "We're very confident she's learned from her experience," a Gonzaga spokesperson said.


As the investigation on Click was winding down a video surfaced of a wild-eyed Click swearing at police officers during the Mizzou homecoming parade.

My prediction is a year from now Gonzaga will re-evaluate Click and she'll be retained. The left almost always circles their wagons to protect its fellow radicals.

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