Thursday, August 04, 2016

(Video) Hillary defends ransom payment to Iranians

The mainstream media is still going on-an-on about the supposed turmoil within the Donald Trump campaign--while paying cursory attention to the embarrassing hacks of Democratic National Committee emails.

The more important story, which the Wall Street Journal broke two days ago, is that the Obama administration, which Hillary Clinton once was a member of, paid $400 million in ransom to the terror-supporting Iranian government to release four American hostages.

That action only encourages more kidnapping of Americans and some of that ransom cash could end up funding Iranian terror operations.

Well, one reporter got the nerve to ask Clinton about the ransom payment--and she defended the action.

If you approve of such ransom payments, then vote for Hillary Clinton in November. If you support a strong and confident America, Donald Trump is your candidate.

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