Friday, August 05, 2016

CNN’s Tapper: Fact checkers are going to run out of 'Pinocchios' calling out Clnton's lies

Hilary Rodham Clinton sold a Colorado TV station that her statements to the FBI about her email server were truthful.

CNN's Jake Tapper said yesterday that fact checkers are going to run out of 'Pinocchios' calling out Clnton's lies.


Henry Wilson said...

I'm pleasantly surprised that ole Jake can bring himself to dare challenge the queen. In this Game of Thrones world of poitics I expect he will be made an example of by having his head severed and placed on a castle wall.

EricStoner said...

Is he trying to regain a "smidgen" of his integrity since he's been outed?

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“Unbelievable! I wonder if Jake Tapper is aware the Chief Brown's OWN SON was killed after he fired on a police officer? That Chief Brown has lost co-workers to police shootings. Tapper is disgusting. Were the #‎DallasPolice supposed to send some officers up to confront a sniper face-to-face when they had this option? How many lives did they save by sending the robot in? I am just at a loss for words to the idiocy of our 'media'!! Jake Tapper”