Sunday, August 07, 2016

Can a President Hillary survive four years in office?

It's not just a long series of coughs that plagues her. A recent Reuters photo of Hillary Clinton needing help from staffers to climb a few stairs begs the question: Can Hillary Clinton, age 68, survive a four year term as president?

Sure Donald Trump, a teetotaler, is 70, but he has more energy than most 40 year-olds and there are no public incidents of him not being able to climb stairs unaided. Nor does he, as Clinton does, have that that persistent cough.

In 2012, as the Drudge Report is pointing out, the former First Lady suffered a blood clot injury when she fell in her home. The year before she tumbled after boarding an airplane. And in 2009 Clinton broke her elbow after falling at the White House.

Trump Autumn is coming. Hillary is not ready.

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Holding My Nose said...

Trump needs to continue to keep the campaign pace at a fever pitch. He has the stamina for it and Shrillary doesn't. There are also reports and pic's showing a Shrillary Secret Service agent with a diazapam injector always at her side. There's a hidden medical problem with Shrillary that is not being addressed.

But never mind any of that. The public is really bothered by where Trump has his branded ties and shirts made.